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Classic & Tech

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Tradition and Innovation

The most authentic characteristics of the Beretta genome, perfectly captured in each new Vintage Years collection.

Our traditional roots hark back to the dawn of the Italian Renaissance. A passion for excellence, skilled craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail have been handed down and constantly reinvigorated over the years. This underlying approach has been enriched by the results of scientific progress, research and new materials.
Vintage Years celebrates our origins and enriches them with advanced technological performance. When you put on a Beretta Vintage garment, you have the sensation of wearing 500 years of success. You can almost taste the incredible entrepreneurial history of an Italian family that has succeeded in pursuing both a dream and a passion over 15 generations.
The Vintage Years collection is dedicated to hunters, to people in search of the earthy smells of the countryside, silence, fresh air, lush unspoilt woodland, walks through the hills alongside a canine companion, to people who love nature and the outdoor life and wish to ‘wear it’ during their everyday lives. 
The inspiration behind the Beretta Vintage Years collection is the world of country, with its tradition and colors, which are treated with full respect for those styles and fabrics that over time have become iconic and hugely representative of the brand. Versatile and timeless looks that harmoniously combine precious fabrics and elements expressive of a distinctive identity. Measure, balance, comfort, quality of the materials, the Made in Italy craftsmanship and the solidity of an unmistakable style which transcends the inconstancies of fashion and reinterprets its requirements, ensuring it always keeps with the times.