Beretta Waterfowl




These are the slices of time that stir the soul, that define the American Waterfowler’s passion for the pursuit of the wild places.

It is a passion backed by the confidence that your Beretta shotgun and gear are absolutely up to this specific challenge – no matter what the elements throw at you.

That’s a confidence, backed by 500 years of tradition and technological innovation, you can count on with every pull of the trigger or zip of the jacket.


Opening day, A Time-Honored Tradition

Opening day, A Time-Honored Tradition mixed with today’s technology and innovation. The feel of your favorite camo jacket brings back memories of satisfying hunts past. Your waders still wear last year’s mud as a badge of honor.



As you ready for the day, you gather shells, decoys, hot coffee – and your shotgun. Then crouch in a blind with your dog expectant and eager. The thunder of wings above. The hope of the day ahead.

Then that one heart-stopping, defining moment: the shot, the splash, the retrieve.