Country Hunting Vest

The Country Hunting Vest made of comfort cotton is ideal for hunting even during hot summer days. In order to improve the wear resistance of the garment, the shoulders, the back yoke and chest welt pockets have been reinforced with high tenacity polyamide inserts. The front area of the Country Hunting Vest helps you to have easy access to everything you need, with two slanted pockets and two large cargo pockets. The chest pockets also act as closing flap of the underlying pockets: a peculiarity present in all the Beretta Country Hunting garments. The back game bag is fully openable and washable.



  • High tenacity polyamide inserts on the shoulders and the back yoke.
  • Beretta personalized buttons.
  • Hand-rest pockets.
  • Front cargo pockets with flap in high tenacity fabric.
  • Back breathable mesh.
  • Back game bag fully openable and washable.
  • Inner security pockets.
  • Comfort cotton fabric.


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