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"Top Pick":  Uniform Pro Italia


Since 2013 Beretta has been the proud technical sponsor of the Italian Federation of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Uniform pro, the uniform of the Italian “azzurri” national team, was developed together with the sportsmen and technicians of the national team, to define the best solutions and technologies to optimise performance. The official merchandise, featuring ITALIA embroidered on the yoke, the three-colour shield and Fitav logo, is now available for all those seeking a winning outfit where practicality goes hand-in-hand with style .



Uniform Pro Italia trap vest, cotton with breathable mesh, for right-handed shooters.The direct collaboration between the Beretta designers and the athletes from all the disciplines in the Italian Shooting Team gave birth to this line of vests. Created by a clever work of mapping and studying of the human body and its movements, this item helps the athlete in relating with each kind of weather, sustaining all his gestures and optimising the result. The Italian flag badge gives pride and determination to the ones who wear it.

Uniform Pro polo, piquet cotton.The Uniform Pro Polo shirt is designed to go with the shooting team during their travels and on the podium. It is developed with a high quality and resistant piquet cotton, in a clean and elegant style.  Authentic detailing include a FITAV (Italian Shooting Federation) patch on the left shoulder, the Beretta Uniform Pro patch on the right one, and an Italian flag badge on the chest and concealed collar buttons.


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