Urban Camo Vest

Whether you are a pro or just a newcomer, the Beretta shooting vests require just one thing: passion. These vests have been designed to let every shooter choose what fits best their athletic needs.

The Beretta Hunting polo & t-shirt line is an hymn to the passion for hunting, nature and outdoor adventures. Featuring a full range of quality piquet polos and jersey t-shirts, to complete the outfit of every hunter with comfort and style.



Shooting vest, cotton and printed mesh.The spirit of this shooting vest expresses itself by its Urban Camouflage mesh. The famous strong, light and breathable Beretta mesh enriches of this mimetic patter, delivering a high technology vest featured by a bold and determined character.


• Beretta recoil pad patch with diamond stitching
• Inner pocket for Beretta recoil reducer
• Elastic insert on the shoulders for comfort of moviment
• Zip closure
• Front patch pockets with Beretta trinagle closure
• Ticket pocket on the left
• Snaps buttons regulation on the back


Three t-shirts set, cotton jersey.When you love a garment that fits great, one simply isn't enough. This set includes 3 Beretta tees in a range of  colours inspired by nature. A Beretta camo logo is printed on the left sleeve.


Beretta Cloting Spring Summer 2016