Country Maremmana

Street Maremmana


Beretta Waxed Cotton Maremmana Jacket

Maremmana Beretta in waxed cotton with vintage leather triangle inside the collar. New fitting and updated design.

Country Maremmana


Beretta Woman's Country Moleskin Maremmana

Woman's Maremmana Beretta in moleskin Duca Visconti di Modrone. New fit and updated design.

Vintage Waxed Cotton

The Beretta Vintage Waxed Cotton line is made with original hand-made British fabric, which is then sandblasted, washed and waxed by hand and using only natural materials.

The great deal of experience of the artisans who craft this line ensures the high quality of the final product.



The origins of this garment date back to a time when mankind lived in much closer harmony with nature. First used as a hunting jacket by the cowherds in the Maremma region of Tuscany, its style and extremely sturdy fabric guaranteed easy movement as well as protection and comfort in the open air.

Thanks to this long history and its versatility in adapting to any movement and any situation, today the Maremmana Jacket is ready to accompany you in town, in the country and anywhere your adventures take you.