Video Dynamic:

Beretta Dynamic sets a new standard of protection against tears and grazes and successfully combines previously unimagined levels of protection with incredible lightness and extreme comfort. Dynamic leaves you free to pursue your prey anywhere, even amongst the thorniest brambles.


Beretta Woman's Dynamic Jacket


Beretta Woman's Dynamic Jacket

Waterproof women's jacket with GORE-TEX® membrane made with the innovative B - Tex Fabric.




Elle permet au chasseur de se mouvoir librement et avec aisance, même dans des bois ou broussailles denses.

It allows the hunter to move freely and comfortably even in dense woods or brush.
The Dynamic jacket is ideal for long walks or hikes, thanks to its low-weight construction and its suitability for different weather conditions.

Beretta Man's Dynamic Pro Jacket

B - Tex is an exclusive Beretta fabric, that, for every six yarns of polyamide, combines one "high tenacity" yarn of Dynema®. Dynema® is fifteen times more resistant than a steel yarn, while being much softer and lighter.