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Your first digital hunting diary.


The Beretta GunPod 2 is a smart digital system powering a new way to enjoy hunting. Stop wondering how many cartridges you shot last month or how many miles you walked with your dog: GunPod 2 will hold these statistics for you! The highlights of your hunting sessions, along with photos and videos, finally collected in a handy digital archive. And if you want to share on social networks? With GunPod 2 you can.

Thanks to the patented on-board wireless shot-counter, the shotgun connects with your smartphone with Bluetooth® Low Energy to collect the most important moments of the hunting session (shots, path, photos and videos) in a smart digital diary with built-in statistics. But there is even more: GunPod 2 is also a useful tool in case of emergency, by allowing the hunter to make a phone call to a pre-defined phone number with just two taps and to get the GPS position with a single swipe, to be immediately shared with the rescue team if required.


"Coming soon a set of useful how-to videos about GunPod 2. Stay tuned!"

GunPod 2: a smart, intuitive and modular system,
designed to improve hunting without changing the way we hunt. 

Wouldn’t be great to remember all about your hunting activities forever? How many shots you made last year? Where did your brother hit his first pheasant? When? These are all questions that only a hunter with a fully detailed written diary could answer, at least until yesterday. Now, with the new GunPod 2 system by Beretta, you can do it without any effort and it will be easier than you imagine.

The full GunPod 2 system is made of 3 elements:



1. The GunPod 2 on-board shot-counter.

Installed inside the stock pistol of the shotgun, this hyper-technologic, smart and lightweight device detects the shot and “talks” to your smartphone giving notice of the shot.



2. Your smartphone with the free GunPod 2 app installed.

Once received the information of the shot from the on-board shot-counter, the GunPod 2 app takes care of collecting all the shot information into your secure and private records, creating the diary of your hunting day*.


* The Bluetooth® on your smartphone must be turned on during the hunting sessions. Localization is recommended to get the best of the GunPod 2 system.



3. The GunPod 2 server.

This element, whose activation is optional and free, provides secure and private data storage and backup, together with an amazing web dashboard to access your data thorough the web.



green-checkThe GunPod 2 system has been designed by hunters for hunters upon a solid principle: improve and extend the hunting experience, without altering the shotgun’s essence and without disturbing the hunter.


Designed to power a new hunting experience in an easy and intuitive way.

Using the GunPod 2 system is easier done than said: once the GunPod 2 on-board shot-counter is connectedto the app (1), your shotgun is enabled to communicate with your smartphone. Then all you have to do is to start the app, begin a session and put your smartphone in your pocket. The GunPod 2 will do the rest, in background, without requiring you to use the smartphone for the whole session.


(1) Connecting the shotgun to the app is required only once, at the first use of the shotgun with the GunPod 2 system. After this first connection it is not required to connect them before each activity. No information about the shotgun is required by the GunPod 2 to operate, but just the ID (mac address) of the shot-counter to properly manage the data connection.

green-checkEasy to use!

green-checkProtected from water and dust (IP57)

green-checkNo need to use to the smartphone during hunting
GunPod 2 is designed to work in background, with the smartphone securely stored into your pocket or backpack.

green-checkNo Bluetooth® pairing required. A smart solution for connecting the shotgun with the smartphone, minimizing the battery consumption of both them (patent pending).





Patented (and patent pending) engineering masterpiece.



The GunPod 2 on-board shot-counter does not need to be turned ON and OFF, being designed to wake-up from its intelligent stand-by only in case of a shot. A small battery allows the blue led to advise on the good state of the device and ensures maximum reliability at the same time, providing the outstanding battery life of 5.000+ shots* (more than the average hunter will do in the entire lifetime of the shotgun!).




green-checkNo need to turn the shotgun ON and OFF: the shotgun is in an intelligent, battery saving stand-by

green-check5.000+ shots battery life

green-checkNo need to put the shotgun in charge! A shotgun should always remain a shotgun and technology must apply to it in a respectful way!

green-checkIn the event of low battery, the shot-counter will keep working and storing the new shot count on the on-board memory (only the wireless communication needs the battery, not the shot detection and count)

And if you need to change the battery? No problem: the GunPod 2 battery is a standard CR1620, absolutely inexpensive and easy to find in local stores. To remove the old battery and install the new one please refer to the instructions set into the GunPod 2 user manual.

* Activating the blue led by pressing the button
will reduce the battery life! Please remember to
use the button only when required by the app.





The highlights of your hunting day,
pinned on your map.

When the wireless shot-counter detects a new shot, the app “pins the shot” on the map (2) automatically, updating the session stream too. This happens immediately and without any interaction required with the smartphone (that’s why the GunPod 2 is so amazing!). And if you want to do more, for example adding a photo or a video, then you can do it at any time by taking out the smartphone from your pocket when you want (remember safety rules, always!).

(2)Smartphone’s localization services can be turned off at any time
by the user at the level of the operating system


Here are some quick examples of what you can do to enrich your GunPod 2 activities with new information or media, in real time during the session or later, after the session is completed:



Pictures and videos can be taken in real time (or uploaded later) to go inside the shot stream.You will never miss the picture of your dog retrieving your pheasant and you will save time! No limit is set to the quantity of media that can be collected inside each shot.



A successful shot should never go unnoticed and, in fact, it won’t! You can tell to the application that you hit your target and, with just two taps, the app will turn your successful shot green in both map and stream, giving you also the possibility to select your target from a list or to choose a custom name.





Places and text notes can be pinned on the map,in order for you to be able to find the same location in the future. A purple pin will show you the exact location of your interest, while the stream provides you all the details about it.



And if you shoot a “padella”, then you can delete the shot from the stream to prevent your friends to have fun of you! Thepadella   is not something dangerous, but how an Italian hunter will call an easy shot that missed the target, causing great shame on the shooter! (Yes, we know, this is a useless function to you because you will never get a “padella”, but you know, it may happen…).





Share a shot or a full session on Facebook and Twitter.

GunPod-2_n17If you want to post your best shot of the day or you just want to join you friends’ conversation on the hunting day, the GunPod 2 app makes it easier than ever.

Just tap the social icons in the shot or session details and a badge-image will be immediately created for you, so you can share it through your own profiles.



A useful tool in case of emergency.

Should you need to make an emergency call, handling to find a contact in the address book and retrieving your GPS position could be problematic. GunPod 2 makes everything easier: just press the Beretta logo at the top-left of each screen and the Emergency Call option will appear, allowing you to immediately call the number you set in the app preferences (911 is set by default and you can change it at any time).

And when you need to know your localization, just go back to the app and swipe left to the session summary: you will immediately se your current position in latitude and longitude coordinates.




All your hunting sessions grouped into a handy list always into your pocket.

Once completed, a session will be immediately and securely stored inside the app’s archive and it will be ready to be enjoyed again directly on the smartphone. You can synchronize your data with the GunPod 2 secure server at any time (this is a free and optional GunPod 2 feature), and every activity already pushed on your private cloud will be marked with a blue dot.


 green-check Free and secure cloud data storage and backup

green-check Possibility to see again every activity from the smartphone, immediately after the end of each session





Simple and useful statistics, always in your hands and updated in real time.

The GunPod 2 statistics will summarize to you all about your hunting scores, by providing the total shot count and the data breakdowns by day, by success, by load and by type. This is done for all your shotguns or just for a selection of them, at your convenience.


green-check Possibility to filter statistics on shotguns
Multiple selection allowed

green-check Infografic-style visualization

green-check 100% privacy when you sell your shotgun
The new owner has no access to your GunPod 2 data



And if you sell your shotgun? No problem: you can cancel it from your connected shotguns in the app (it will be not possible to select it for future hunting sessions), but your statistics associated with that shotgun will remain available. The new owner will not be allowed to access your data and the details of each shots made by you as the previous owner of the shotgun (please remember that only you own your data through your user profile).

And for those who have a bigger screen at home?
An amazing web dashboard is waiting for you to log in and to enjoy your hunting data.

The GunPod 2 system allows you to synchronize(3) your data with the secure GunPod 2 server providing a cloud-based storage service. This is a free and optional feature allowing you to get the best benefits from the GunPod 2 system and it can be enabled or disabled at any time.


green-check  Free backup of your hunting records!

green-check Secure and private access (login required)

green-check An amazing web dashboard to see and manage your data
Enjoy (and share) your hunting experience everywhere you can get an Internet access!




(3)The synchronization process is optional and

can be disabled at any time in the app preferences.


Are you a GunPod 1 owner?
You can upgrade to GunPod 2 immediately!

The GunPod 2 shot-counter is designed to fit all the Beretta shotguns with GunPod I or  “Ready for GunPod” configurations. The upgrade is very easy and just requires the purchase of the GunPod 2 shot-counter, whose installation procedure is described in the user manual available at

green-check   Easy upgrade *

green-check Change of the stock not-required *

* When upgrading to GunPod 2 from GunPod 1
or from “Ready for GunPod” shotguns



Can’t wait to test GunPod 2?
It’s a matter of minutes, and it’s free!



Designed to provide the whole package of benefits when the GunPod 2 shot-counter is on-board of the shotgun, the GunPod 2 system can be used also with your previously owned shotguns (we call these “manual shotguns”), with the obvious limitation that you have to tell manually to the app that a shot has been made. This option gives every hunter an amazing possibility: to test the GunPod 2 system for free! All you need is to download the free app from the stores (it takes just minutes), create a free Beretta B-Club account on, log into the app, create and connect a “manual shotgun” and go!



green-check  You can test the GunPod 2 for free!

green-check You can use the GunPod 2 for free also for other outdoor activities (i.e. hiking or walking)


The GunPod 2 mobile app is designed for:

  • iOS (iOS7 or above) on iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6
  •  Android (4.4.x or above) on smartphones with Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)


Hunters will not envy runners and cyclist anymore.
Now hunting has its own digital diary, whose name is GunPod 2.