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Beretta is more than just the best firearms, apparel and accessories. Our ability to thrive over the past five centuries requires a drive to constant improvement and a focus on innovation. 

To this end, Beretta has created the Beretta Research and Innovation Center (BRAIN), a technology incubator whose primary objective is to test and develop technological theories that, when industrialized, propel forward our mission to provide solutions that ensure user safety
In the context of this mission, Beretta’s BRAIN division has theorized i-Protect Personal: a system designed to detect physical danger through a smartphone-connected sensor and alert emergency response systems.

 i-Protect Personal


BRAIN’s mandate includes testing the feasibility of these concepts “in the field”; to do so, after extensive tests in Italy, with the support of Italy’s “Croce Bianca” organization, Beretta will participate in this year’s NYC Marathon. Five runners, who are also Beretta italian employees, and up to five USA runners, who repsente the non-profit, NYC-based organization “Project ALS” will participate in the race as part of B-We, a series of wearing the i-Protect Personal concept technology, in an effort to test it and provide feedback.

A concept system designed to detect and analyze biometric data. Using smartphone-connected sensors, i-Protect Personal tracks physical activity and monitors the body’s response to it, alerting emergency response services in case of distress.

iProtect Personal
iProtect Personal


System Components

  1. A smartphone app, that acts as the brain of the system, monitoring and reporting user data.
  2. A smartwatch that acts as the on-the-go biometric data display and allows 2-way communication.
  3. Sensors embedded in the shirt report biometric and other data to track athletic performance and alert the system to potential distress.

If the system detects that the wearer is in distress, a trained call-center professional will assess the situation and call first responders, if necessary.




 The five runners Beretta italian employees @NYC Marathon

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