Peter Beard


This image was chosen as the book’s dust cover. Beard specifically selected watches belonging to Pietro Beretta (11th generation) and used them together with catalogs from the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s to cleverly illustrate the evolution of the company and successive generations of the venerable Beretta family. Also included: SO6EELL Over-under shotgun, a side-by-side from 1870, a single barrel shotgun from 1700.


In an effort to depict the vastness of the world of Beretta, Beard arranged an array of firearms as well as items from the clothing line among various manuals, trinkets, tools, and ammunition.


In every collage, Beard tells a story. Here, he focuses on the luxury segment of the production with an engraver’s tool held in his own hand shown within the frame, which also includes a 1978 Lemmi painting in the background, a premium Beretta side-by-side, and a luxury Benelli semi-automatic shotgun in homage to Beretta Holding subsidiaries.


Beard’s inspiration had many sources, often drawing from what and who surrounded him. In this photo, a Beretta staff member holds a pocket-pistol, the Beretta Model 1920, while the back of Andy Warhol’s gun painting provides a canvas for his imagination as well as a table for his snack of breadsticks. As young men, Beard and Warhol enjoyed an artistic collaboration. A curious anecdote about this image: Beard cut the Marlboro letters from a packet of his cigarettes and used them to compose the word “Warhol” shown on the frame.


Another synopsis of the Beretta world, Beard utilized a collection of Beretta gadgets dating back to 1960 to create this scenario by adding products from Beretta wineries and other amenities. The background was none other than the Beretta flag still in use today on the shooting ranges.

Beretta Book

The World of Beretta: An International Legend

Published in 2000, this book of 400 pages contains 225 color and 160 black & white photos. It reconstructs the most important historical events of the oldest gun company in the world and of the family who has been at its helm for almost 500 years.

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