92fs Limited Edition Pistols Engraving 1


92FS Pistole Limited Edition: incisione N01 "Engraving N01"

Beretta presents a Limited Edition of the famous Beretta 92 FS (Cal. 9x19mm) exclusively produced and enriched by elaborate hand engraving, patiently executed over hundreds of hours on frame and slide.

Engineering masterpieces, created by master craftsmen following a flawless manufacturing tradition of almost five centuries, Beretta premium grades are personalized by our master gunsmiths, engravers and barrel makers combining ability, innovation and artisan mastery jealously handed down from one generation to another.

The first one is enriched by chisel bas-rilief floreal engraving. An elegant ebano grips custom designed is also produced by hand with great skill.  The contrast between matt black ebano grips and glossy finishing give to the masterpiece an esxlcusive beauty. On the slide further gold inlay writings complete the masterpiece.