92fs Limited Edition Pistols Engraving 8


92FS Limited Edition Pistols: "Engraving N08"

n08 - 92FS Limited Edition

The 8th 92FS Limited Edition pistol is featured by an outstanding bas-relief handcrafted engraving. Here the Beretta Master Engraver gave their best: deeply chiselled edges embellish the whole pistol slide and body, while a subtle chequered engraving features front and back of the slide, as well as the upper part of the body grip.

Just like in all the other Beretta 92FS Limited Edition pistols, the side writings features gold inlays. The same kind of decoration features the 3 arrows logo, located on the top of the 9mm barrel, and the gold piping on the muzzle. One-off custom grips in matt bois de violet (kingwood) are secured to the pistol body with hand-engraved screws.