Beretta Galleries

“Straddling two continents and operating under the Beretta trademark, the Galleries constantly refine their philosophy and strategy, while maintaing intact the style that is signature of the Beretta brand and always operating in harmony with the rest of the company’s distribution channels.Welcome at Beretta galleries!

The Philosophy

The philosophy of the Galleries can be summed up in four points:

  1. Recreating the spirit of “outdoor life” in each Beretta sales shop, while offering a variety of upscale products that help consumers get more out of life;
  2. Create a direct sales channel, to satisfy consumer demand through one-on-one contact between customer and company;
  3. Reinforce the leadership of the Beretta brand in outdoor apparel and accessories, with particular focus on the European and American markets;
  4. Display the full line of Beretta products: firearms, apparel, accessories, spare parts. 

As for strategies and plans for the future, the Gallery concept is to be expanded into Europe’s leading capitals, with each store always occupying positions of unquestioned prestige that result in a successful compromise between prime location and high traffic. And finally the positive fallout mentioned above. A full range of our firearms, apparel, accessories and decorative items is on display in the Beretta Galleries of New York, Dallas, Buenos Aires, Paris and Milan and London.

Franco Gussalli Beretta