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The Foundation named after Pier Giuseppe Beretta was set up according to his wishes in 1981.  It was officially recognised by Presidential decree no. 275 of 20 April 1983.


The aim of the Beretta Foundation is to carry out scientific research into malignant neoplasia; in particular, it deals with the collection and analysis of clinical and experimental data regarding different forms of cancer, as well as the indication of therapies for patients suffering from types of neoplasia, particularly breast or lung cancer, with special attention to prevention and immunology studies.

The importance of the Foundation

Cancer has a multimodal and multifactorial dimension and the development of an effective therapeutic programme necessitates the involvement of a number of operators working in synchrony on a single case considering not just the illness, but the patient who is the subject of their work.

In this perspective it is essential to structure ‘skills combinations’ to make for the effective running of ‘dynamic multidisciplinary bodies’ that is, of a ‘team’ of people who treat, or better, take responsibility for the sick patient.

The team doesn’t just include oncologists but also other figures who may take on an important role in the management of the patient’s illness such as the psychologist, nursing staff, GP, etc… It is only via supportive and responsible cooperation between all team members that it will be possible to achieve the solution to the cancer patient’s therapeutic, rehabilitative and care problems.

The solution to the cancer patient’s therapeutic, care and rehabilitative problems can therefore only happe via helpful and responsible cooperation between all team members but also via the effective use of resources and an inevitable organisation of operational skills (oncological, specialist, nursing and social etc…). The Foundation is a precious and indispensable ally in this demanding project.

Giovanni Marini

Past Director Medical Oncology Department of the ‘Spedali Civili’ (Civic Hospitals) di Brescia


How to Support the Beretta Foundation

BERETTA FOUNDATION FOR CANCER STUDY (Recognised with Presidential Decree no. 275 of 20/4/1983)


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