Angelo Moscariello

Beretta Skeet Shooter


I am Angelo Moscariello and I have been skeet shooting since 2002. Currently I shoot with the Beretta DT11 and train both at TAV Valle Aniene and TAV Tana del Lupo. I was born on 10 March 1990 in Atripalda (AV) and I am an athlete with the Fiamme Oro. My philosophy in life is try to live as best you can and face problems calmly. I'd like to add that sport has taught me that every defeat has hidden lessons that can lead you to future victories. So never give up and live life with determination, while giving it your all.



Angelo started shooting in 2002 at the age of 12. He took part in his first ISSF competition in 2007 at the European Championships in Granada. In 2009 he brought home the junior bronze medal from the World Championship in Maribor. The next year he came third in the junior European Championship in Kazan and 14th during the World Championship in Munich.

On 2 February 2012, in Rome, he was awarded the Silver Medal of Athletic Valour by the Italian National Olympic Committee and on 6 December of the same year he was recognised by the  Italian National Olympic Committee of Avellino for his prestigious achievements.
During his career he has also been acknowledged by the regional FITAV (Italian Federation of Clay Pigeon Shooting) committee of Campania, as well as the Mayor and the municipality of Montella (AV).

Gold Silver Bronze Final Gold Silver Bronze Gold SIlver Bronze
            Maribor 2009 JR     Kazan 2010 JR

What Does he bring on shooting Range?

The Shotgun


The DT11 is Beretta’s top-of-the-line competition shotgun, used by the world’s absolute best clay shooters. It is built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, a whole 3mm wider than its predecessor’s (the DT10) and therefore stronger and even more durable. DT11 Trident Beretta. The shooter shots with Dt11 Beretta.

Gilet da tiro,

Tuta Uniform Pro,



Maglietta tecnica Beretta,





What's your favourite shotgun?
My favourite shotgun is the Beretta over-and-under, to be specific the DT11.

Why do you prefer this specific model?
I prefer this shotgun because of its technical innovations. From a technical point of view, when compared to its predecessors, I found that it is easier to tilt, its shot patterns are better distributed and most of all the barrels muzzle rise less when shooting. In fact, the new barrels, made with steelium pro technology, and the receiver which is 3mm thicker than its predecessor, the DT11 Trident, means that the firearm is more balanced, and so is the aiming and tilting itself. These are characteristics that make this shotgun perfect for competitive shooting.

Who is your favourite shooter?
My favourite shooter is Ennio Falco because he is one of the best shooters in Italy and the world. His sporting CV is a kilometer long, and what's more he is from Campania like me! I have been lucky enough to train and compete with him on more than one occasion, learning from him with regard to both technique and temperament. In watching him, I have come to understand how much effort, sacrifice and dedication this sport requires, how much work is needed to be on form at every competition. For this reason he should be a role model to anyone. Another shooter that I enjoy watching is Cypriot, George Achilleos, who has won many titles. I watch him because his technique, which comes from the Tonino Basi school, is very similar to mine; I am reminded of myself in his movements.

Who inspired you to shoot?
My father. At first it was hunting. By following him I learnt how to shoot and handle firearms. When hunting season was over we would go and shoot targets. That's where at all began.

What's your best shooting story?
It was 2010 and as a junior I was called by captain Fazi to join the first team that was going to the World Championship in Munich. My other two team mates were Valerio Luchini and Ennio Falco. I was just 20 years old and I knew that it was going to be a very technically challenging competition. I started off well with a good 25, but I was so afraid of having to face up to those greats of international skeet shooting that in the following two series I shot 5 zeros, so that at the end of the first day my total was 70/75. I was frantic because I thought that I was not good enough to take part in that competition. I kept on telling myself that I didn't deserve to be a member of that team! But even though my personal competition was over because the 5 zeros weighed too heavily in an event of that nature, I knew that I could help the team get onto the podium. I had another 50 targets the next day, and I decided that I had to get 50. I had to give it my all because I had to prove to those people and to those who had put me there that I could also get 25. And so the next day I managed to score 50/50, reaching a total of 120/125. I didn't get into the individual final, but I was a support to the team because we managed to win silver in the team competition. We lost by just one target to Cyprus. It was such an emotional moment for me stepping onto the most important podium in the world, with the best shooters in the world. I, a youngster from the country, was standing amongst the greats of international skeet shooting. I couldn't believe it! And that experience taught me that you must never give up, you must fight till the end, and even when everything seems to take a turn for the worst, there is always a silver lining if you think positive.

Which is your favourite shooting range?
It might seem strange, but my favourite range is where I started shooting my first rounds, that is the TAV "Tana del Lupo". It is close to where I live in Montella, a small town in the province of Avellino. It's a skeet range and a hunting ground, surrounded by nature, in the mountains. Training there fills me with peace and tranquility. That is where I shot my first 25 and that is where I have made all my sacrifices while training, all geared towards hitting that extra target in a competition. At that range I try to improve every day in order to be competitive on competition day.

How old were you when you held a shotgun for the first time?
I was about 12 years old. My father would often take me to the shooting range. I used to watch him while he did a skeet series. I remember that he never finished a round, because out of his generosity, once he reached the seventh platform he would always keep some cartridges for me so that I could shoot the final targets!

What is your philosophy in life?
I try to live life as best I can and face problems calmly. Sport has taught me that every defeat has hidden lessons that can lead you to future victories. Never give up and live life with determination, while giving it your all!

What are your goals and plans for the future?
Since 2012 I have been a member of the "Fiamme Oro" Sport Club. I would like to thank them for the financial and technical support which they provide me every day when preparing for a competition. My goals are dedicated to them and the National team captained by Andrea Benelli. I would love to win an important world title and start reaping the fruits of what I have sown over many years. My goal is to win the Olympic Charter and take part in the Olympics. My dream is obviously to win at the Olympics. As for everything else, I haven't thought about the future yet, I'm too young!

What advice can you give others who are inspired by you?
This sport is very satisfying, and it is a spectacular sport for its spectators and those who take part in it. It's also true though that disappointments are always around the corner. Don't be discouraged, and the advice that I can give those who are inspired by me is to first and foremost, have fun. Secondly, find the right and easy way to shoot each target without stress or fear: STEP BY STEP TO SUCCESS...


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