Giancarlo Tazza

Beretta Skeet Shooter



I am Giancarlo Tazza and I have been skeet shooting since 2001. I shoot with a  Beretta DT11  and train at the Tiro a Volo Falco. By profession I am a Fiamme Oro athlete. I was born on 8 August 1988 in Maddaloni. My way of life is I don't believe there are any limits. We make them for ourselves. In fact, I've learnt that effort, will and sacrifice can help you achieve anything.




Giancarlo started shooting in 2001 and made his appearance at an ISSF competition in 2006 at the junior European Championship in Maribor. In the same year he took part in the junior World Championship held in Zagreb, where he came 14th.
In 2008 he came fourth in the junior European Championship in Nicosia. Between 2009 and 2012 he took part in some stages of the World Cup, including San Marino, Acapulco, Beijing and Tucson.
In 2013, he came fourth at the World Championship in Lima and sixth at the World Cup in Acapulco.


What Does he bring on shooting Range?

The Shotgun


The DT11 is Beretta’s top-of-the-line competition shotgun, used by the world’s absolute best clay shooters. It is built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, a whole 3mm wider than its predecessor’s (the DT10) and therefore stronger and even more durable. DT11 Trident Beretta. Giancarlo Tazza shots with Dt11 Beretta.

Gilet da tiro,

Tuta Uniform Pro,



Maglietta tecnica Beretta,





What's your favourite shotgun?
Without doubt the Beretta DT11, which is the one I use.

Why do you prefer this specific model?
It has good handling and is very agile, perfectly suiting my style of shooting.

Who is your favourite shooter?
Ennio Falco because he has been a role model since I was a child. I have always tried to follow in his footsteps and even now I try to "steal" from him as much as possible.

Who inspired you to shoot?
My father was always a hunter, but when hunting season is over he goes to shoot targets at the shooting range. One day, when I was 11 and a half years old, I decided to go with him. The rest I can say is history. I immediately fell in love with the sport.

What's your best shooting story?
I don't have a particular story, but I keep in my heart everything that this sport has allowed me to experience, that is travel the world and see many countries. I love this sport and I love everything it has given me. So much satisfaction and so many opportunities.

Which is your favourite shooting range?
There are many lovely shooting ranges around the world. I think from a skeet point of view, the best range I have seen and used is right here in Italy, the range in Conselice, which is in the province of Ravenna.

How old were you when you held a shotgun for the first time?
The first time I held a gun was when I was 11 and a half years old and I remember that my shoulder was extremely sore. I went back home and despite the pain, I couldn't stop thinking about that shotgun and how much I enjoyed holding it and using it!

What are your goals and plans for the future?
For the moment my plan is to do my best each and every day, shooting my best and learning from my mistakes, and taking what comes without forcing it too much.

What advice can you give others who are inspired by you?
Personally, looking at my experience, I would advise to do lots of work outside of the range, and study the technique well before setting goals that are too ambitious.


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