News Olimpica ISSF World Cup in Larnaca Trap


Finale ISSF : Tatiana Barsuk won Silver medal Trap woman with Beretta DT11 and Olympic Quote to Rio2016; Trap men : Yavuz Ilnam, Silver medal Trap man and Olympic Quote, Josip Glasnovic, Bronze medal  both with Beretta Dt11 !

Great news from ISSF World Cup Shotgun event in Larnica, Cyprus, where Team Beretta’s Tatiana Barsuk (RU), won Silver in the Women Trap final; Yavuz Ilnam won SIlver medal and Josip Glasnovic Bronze medal both with Beretta DT11 .


Trap woman : Tatiana Barsuk - Silver medal.



Trap men: Josip Glasnovic - Bronze, Yavuz Ilnam - Silver and Olympic Quote