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One of the most iconic guns in history becomes a jewel thanks to the addition of real diamonds on the grips and slide.

1,000 Diamonds and a Beretta 92FS

1193 gemstones set, 90 Carats. A unique piece designed and created by Beretta in 2010 in collaboration with Barozzi, renowned jeweler from Brescia. This is the semi-automatic pistol 92FS, famous all over the world for being the side arm adopted by police forces and armies of many countries.

Unique and Precious

A tribute to the concept of pure luxury, the 92 FS Diamond is adorned with grips fully covered in diamonds. The work is absolutely extraordinary: the handle boasts the traditional front and rear grooves of the standard 92 FS with the characteristic angle and radius that allows it to better accommodate the shooter's hand. The surface of each grip features the Beretta three-arrow logo on a finely enameled black background. On the slide and barrel, two additional lines of diamonds, set to perfection, complete the masterpiece.

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