SERIES M9A1 Compact Bruniton (made in US)

Designated “M9” by the U.S. Armed Forces, known simply as the 92 around the globe, the NATO certified Beretta 92FS is one of the most iconic battle pistols in the world. With outstanding accuracy and unparalleled reliability, the time tested and battle proven 92FS is THE World Defender. Introducing a new member of the 92 family, Taking some of the best features of the 92/M9 family. The new 92 Compact Rail is a formidable companion for those requiring a smaller format. All of the strengths of the 92 in a compact size for off-duty carry, plainclothes work, or everyday concealment.
Action Single/DoubleSingle/Double
BarrelLengthMM 108108
BarrelLengthIN 4.254.25
Caliber 9x19 (PARA)9x19 (PARA)
Magazine 1310
OverallHeightMM 133.4133.4
OverallHeightIN 5.255.25
OverallLengthMM 197197
OverallLengthIN 7.757.75
OverallWidthMM 3838
OverallWidthIN 1.51.5
SightRadiusIN 5.755.75
SightRadiusMM 146146
WeightUnloadedG 896896
WeightUnloadedOZ 31.631.6

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1. 3-Dot Sight System

2. Alluminum Alloy Frame

3. Ambidextrous Safety

4. Beveled Magazine Well

5. Checkering

6. Combat Trigger Guard

7. Disassembly Latch

8. External Hammer

9. Open Slide Design

10. Picatinny Rail

11. Reversible Magazine Release