Wax Lifestyle



Beretta is writing a new chapter in the history of waxed cotton by creating a fabric that is faithful to the origins of the English tradition but revisited by the creativity and the mastery of the Italian textile craftsmen.

IM_2013_029_1376Waxed cotton is one of the top ‘technical‘ fabrics invented by man in order to perform a specific function. It was first produced in Scotland at the end of the eighteenth century in order to make tea clippers’ sails waterproof and therefore more efficient. This met with immediate success and was also adopted to make sailors cloaks. Soon the waxed cotton became the standard for English Army uniforms, gradually followed by hunters, farmers and then bikers.
Although new technical fabrics introduced at the start of the 1960s replaced many of its uses, waxed cotton continues to be a staple item in the wardrobes of all fans of the outdoors and is still loved for the unique appearance it acquires as it is used over time. It is this fascinating background, so coherent with the essence of the Vintage Years collections, that pushed us to develop a new type of waxed cotton. Beretta Wax Lifestyle has as its starting point the original fabric deriving from the most ancient and renowned English textile tradition. In Italy, this material is produced by hand using natural substances and is subjected to artisan techniques such as sanding, washing and re-waxing.
IM_2013_029_0339The interaction with atmospheric agents, the artisan component of the manufacturing process and the experience of those who perform it ensure every single garment is unique. And you obtain the final touch by wearing it again and again… We believe that every single Beretta Wax Lifestyle footwear item, bag and jacket is much more than a simple waxed cotton item: each one holds within it and celebrates a great innovation from the past and a small artisan miracle from the present. We are delighted to dedicate them to you.