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SO Sparviere

The SO Sparviere features a unique, Beretta innovative system to open the two sideplates and get access to the inside firing mechanism.

The classic Beretta sidelocks can be easily and rapidly break open to the side, by actioning the safety/barrel selector.

Past the safety position of the switch, the two sideplates will simultaneously snap into the open position facilitating inspection and maintenance of the locks.

The visible internal parts are superbly finished and engraved by hand.

Une série exclusive

Pick one up and you know it is special—each of its elegant details, from the sophisticated engravings to the gold-inlaid animals to the dimensions of the walnut briar stock and receiver, is executed to suit the personal tastes and requirements of its owner.
The total absence of pins and screws gives the Master engraver an uninterrupted blank canvas on which to express his full creativity.
The Master Gunsmiths’ handwork is evident everywhere, from the hand-cut deep diamond checkering to the hand-file cut ventilated rib.
Prized for their beauty and uniqueness, each SO Sparviere is built to perform to the highest standards, decade after decade, generation after generation.
SO Sparviere

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