693 Sporting


693 Sporting white receiver

693 Sporting Beretta competition over and unders with white receiver


Every Beretta over and under is unique to its owner... it's a personal and natural feeling. But there is something that makes every Beretta shotgun really unique for everybody: the quality of the Steelium barrels.
Purchasing a shotgun with the exclusive Beretta Steelium barrels means expecting the best in terms of precision and durability without any compromise. It is what we wish to all the hunters and we do our best to be nothing less than the best. Period.
A "beautiful grade" wood.
The wood quality is important for a field over and under. We know this very well. The 693 Sporting white receiver features the best wood grade of its category to deliver a really amazing look. Every stock is carefully selected, oil finished and controlled by the most qualified Beretta experts, to guarantee the maximum technical and aesthetical standards.

Light is better

The 693 Sporting white receiver  is lighter than the previous generation 687 Beretta over and under shotguns, thanks to the re-engineered barrel / forend-iron design.
Longueur de Canon ( cm ) 71/76/81
Longueur de Canon ( in ) 28/30/32
Type de Canon Steelium Optima Bore HP
Chambre ( mm ) 76
ChambreIN 3"
Choke OCHP
FinishingEngraving Game Scene
ForeEnd Schnabel / Becco
Calibre 12
Historique N
Receiver 690 Series Receiver
Plaque de couche Microcore 18mm
Trigger Monogrillo
Poids ( g ) 3400
Poids ( OZ ) 120

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