92 FS Fusion


The 92FS/98FS Fusion pistol

The 92FS/98FS Fusion pistol is the result of a careful design research, with the objective strike the perfect balance – namely the fusion – between tradition and innovation. This new Limited-Edition reinterpreted the glorious 92FS, combining cutting edge technology with the craftsmanship that made luxury Beretta firearms world famous. Such reinterpretation produced a pistol with a classic and solid design and a captivating style, rich in luxurious details.



An Exclusive Series:

The Fusion project consisted in manufacturing 90 Limited-Edition pistols in two caliber variants:
• 60 pcs of 92FS Fusion (cal. 9x19)
• 30 pcs of 98FS FUSION (cal. 9x21 IMI) for the Italian market.
Every pistol is numbered and has a really exclusive detail: the identification number is dedicated.

A Sturdy and Elegant Frame:

The Fusion’s frame is made of steel, whose shape was increased in the barrel area to allow the positioning of a hand-decorated root walnut wood insert.

98A1_Fusion_N02_400Precious Grips

The grips’ central frame is made of carbon fibers and hosts a class-5 root walnut wood insert, which was hand checkered and hand engraved with the PB logo. The screws that keep the grips in place were especially designed for this model and come with a special tool.

Refined Details and Dedicated Checkering:

Every sharp edge, pin and screw, as well as the barrel have been mirror polished manually, to create a contrast with matte details, thus providing a modern touch to the traditional 92FS. The breech bolt, the bolt release button and the trigger guard are also mirror polished, yet they are made unique by exclusive geometrical checkering.



Maximum Precision:

The short barrel recoil operation has a falling block locking system which, together with the single action trigger pull, ensures a perfectly precise firing. Bearing in mind military standards  requiring a max. H+L of 160 mm, the FUSION project expresses its highest level of accuracy in the selection and treatment of barrels, guaranteeing its H+L ranges from 60 to 70 mm.


Exclusive Packaging:

The 92FS/98FS Fusion comes with a completely handmade case made of genuine Italian black leather. The leather is hand sewed on a wooden frame, both inside and outside. The case has embossed markings of the PB and Fusion logos and is equipped with a security lock. The set includes an extra magazine, a cleaning kit and a special folder containing the instruction manual and a congratulations card signed by Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta the President of Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta.

Action Single/DoubleSingle/Double
Longueur de Canon MM 125125
Longueur de Canon ( in ) 4.94.9
Caliber 9x19 (PARA)9x21 IMI
FiringMechanism SemiautomaticSemiautomatic
Historique NN
Magazine 1515
OverallHeightMM 137137
OverallHeightIN 5.45.4
OverallLengthMM 217217
OverallLengthIN 8.58.5
OverallWidthMM 3838
OverallWidthIN 1.51.5
SightRadiusIN 6.16.1
SightRadiusMM 155155
SlideFinish Surface treatment with NistanSurface treatment with Nistan

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