• Birth of Bartolomeo Beretta
  • Birth of Jacomo Beretta

First recorded transaction – Bartolomeo Beretta receives 296 Ducats from the State of Venice for the purchase of 185 Arquibus barrels

  • Birth of Giovannino Beretta
  • Birth of Giovanni Antonio Beretta
  • Birth of Jacomo Beretta
  • Birth of Lodovico Beretta
  • Birth of Giuseppe Beretta

Creation of the first official company documents related to Beretta activities known until 1680.

Beretta is acknowledged as one of the top barrel makers in Val Trompia

  • Birth of Antonio Lodovico Beretta
  • Birth of Giuseppe Antonio Beretta
  • Birth of Piero Antonio Beretta

Beretta is formally known as Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta

  • Birth of Giuseppe Antonio Beretta
  • Birth of Piero Beretta

Giuseppe Antonio Beretta develops the company into a complete manufacturer for firearms and increases prodcution to more than 7,000 pieces

Creation of the “Beretta Museum”, originally instituted as a gun room. first Beretta illustrated catalog

Pietro Beretta takes the helm of the company and develops it into one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world. Beretta acquires Mival

  • Birth of Giuseppe Beretta.
  • Birth of Carlo Beretta

Beretta begins manufacturing handguns for the officers of the Royal Army of Italy, signs contract to supply 1000 machine gun barrels FIAT, model 1914

Model 91 Pocket pistol

Beretta acquires Fabbrica d’Armi Lario, near Lake Como, and trasfers its machinery to Gardone Val Trompia.

Introduction of the SO series

  • Birth of Ugo Gussalli Beretta

Stella & Piccione models

Contract with the Italian Government for the sale of Mod. 1934 pistols MAB – Beretta Automatic moschet

ASE model

Beretta begins its US operations that will eventually result in the creation of Beretta USA

Early CNC machines

70/90 & Garamond

Industrilization of the S55 Over/Under series
Introduction of the Mod. 60, automatic
First Olympic games with clay-shooting sports
Pietro Beretta dies. The company is run by Pier Giuseppe, Carlo and Giuseppe.

  • Birth of Pietro Gussalli Beretta Beretta

PM12 submachine gun developed for the Italian Police

Early production of hammer-forged barrels for military rifles BM59 Birth of Franco Gussalli Beretta

Early stages of the 92FS project

Introduction of the 80 series Official introduction of the Model 92 with the name 92FS.

The first military adoption is made by Italy’s Consubin Team (Italy’s Navy SEALS) and the Brazilian Army (1975/76)

The Mod. 92 becomes the Model 92S after technical improvements are introduced (eg. the decocking safety lever) to comply with military specifications.

The 92S is first broadly adopted by the Italian State Police.

The 92S is also sold on the US commercial market.
Beretta USA Corp. is founded. Manufacturing facility is located in Accokeek
680 series

Early distribution of the Beretta apparel line, focused primarily on the clay-shooting market. “On April 10, The US Army announces that it has awarded the standard sidearm contract to the 92 SB-F, soonafter renamed the M9.

The first supply of 315,930 pistols carries a total value of approximately $75 million.

The M9 becomes the standard sidearm for the US Armed Forces (Army, Marines Corps, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard)”

Beretta becomes Benelli Armi’s major shareholder

Large Mod. 70/90 contract for the Italian Army

Birth of “Beretta Sport”

Large Mod. 70/90 contract for the Italian Army

Ugo Gussalli Beretta becomes the 14th President of the company, flanked by his sons, Piero and Franco Opening of the first Beretta Gallery, in New York City “The World of Beretta” exhibit opens at the National Firearms Museum, to celebrate the 475th Anniversary of the company

Beretta USA Corp announces receipt of a US Army contract for the delivery of up to 450,000 Beretta Model 92FS pistols to the US Armed Forces throughout the world.

Delivery of ARX 160 to the italian Army

Creation of the Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) brand



Il Cavaliere del Lavoro Sig. Pietro Beretta e i suoi figli Carlo e Pier Giuseppe, in una fotografia del 1956