Beretta SO Fixed Blade - Custom

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Beretta SO Fixed Blade - Custom

Blade: stainless steel damascus by Devin Thomas USA, “Raindrop” pattern 160 layers, Rockwell hardness HRC 57°
Bolsters: stainless steel 416 L
Sheath: natural leatherHandle: stabilized walnut burl “Premium Quality”
Packing: handmade natural leather sheath
Blade length: 4,33 inches - mm. 110
Total length: 9 inches - mm. 230
Thickness: 0,18 inches - mm. 4,5
Leather sheath included.

Available with removable AISI 416 stainless steel bolsters for personalized engraving work (engravings costs on request)

SO Line
Damascus steel, or damask, is a folded-steel lamination technique designed to increase the carbon content of wrought iron and make it better suited to hardening and tempering. This method was used in the past by many cultures, and the famous "damascened swords" obtained their name from the city of Damascus where they were developed. This technique is still used today for the manufacture of high-quality knives.

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