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92X Performance Production

The 92X Performance was created to satisfy two requirements: Speed and accuracy. This Beretta's competition pistol is uncompromising and aims for top performance, offering the world of competitive dynamic shooting one of the most reliable and world-renowned locking systems, together with a steel frame, a heavier Brigadier slide and the new Extreme-S trigger mechanism.

An Exclusive Series

Main features:
- Steel frame
- RDO ready
- Ergonomic controls
- Trigger group Xtreme S
- Lightweight hammer

The technical solutions such as the Vertec-style steel grip and the Brigadier slide, bring the weight to 1350 g a fundamental worth to ensure maximum stability of the gun while minimizing barrel rise during shooting.
The generous well for the magazine and the front and rear grooves of the frame, facilitate the operations to replace the magazine and handling, increasing the grip on the weapon.
The profile of the frame in the area of contact with the trigger guard, in contrast to the front of the grip, creates the necessary space to the hand of the shooter ensuring a firm and deep grip.
The magazine release button is reversible and suitably sized to be easily accessible, while the safety on the frame, as well as the disassembly latch were designed to work as gripping elements such as to ensure maximum
controllability of the pistol rise while shooting.
Like the previous Production model, the 92X Performance Production Optic Ready has the possibility to adjust the trigger pull. It therefore reduces the reset, by about 40% compared to the handguns of the historic 90 series, without sacrificing the
renowned characteristics of reliability and safety.
Distinctive feature compared to the Production model is the red dot compatibility, so there are 5 different interfaces (for more information on models and compatibility visit the Beretta website) sold separately in the gunstore or on estore Beretta.

The gun is distributed in a polymer case with integrated (safety lock) including the following equipment:
- N. 1 92X PERFORMANCE Production Optic ready
- N° 2 15-round magazines;
- N. 1 Wraparound handle for Vertec frame;
- N° 1 magazine loader;
- N. 1 Safety lock for pistol;
92X Performance Production

Technical sheet

Product chart

Magazine Capacity:


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