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92X Performance Production

The 92X Performance was created to satisfy two requirements: speed and accuracy.

Beretta's best competition pistol is uncompromising and aims for top performance, offering the world of competitive dynamic shooting one of the most reliable and world-renowned closure systems, together with a steelframe, a heavier Brigadier slide and the new Extreme-S trigger mechanism.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • Front and rear frame checkering

  • Full steel Vertec Frame

  • Enlarged beaver tail

  • Ambidestrous thumb safety

  • Skeletonized hammer

  • Saw tooth front and rear serrations

  • Oversized mag button

Technical choices, such as the Vertec steel frame and the Brigadier slide, take the weight of the 92X Performance to 1350 g, a key weight which increases the pistol's stability and reduces muzzle rise when shooting.

Safety on the frame is ambidextrous and is available in three different size profiles, making it adaptable to various hand types and different IPSC divisions.
To enable even faster cycle time, the 92X has a skeletonized hammer with a competition standard hammer spring.

The new Extreme-S trigger mechanism decreases trigger reset by up to 40% yet keeps the firing pin block, ensuring the safety of the pistol in case it falls.

With the Extreme-S the 92X Performance has an “out of the box” weight of 1.5 kg in single action and 3 kg in double action.

The “Match” take down lever ensures a precise reference point for the second hand.

The “hold open” lever profile is lowered and is of the “stealth lever” type, so as not to interfere with the finger resting on the safety lever during the out of ammunition warning.

The pistol comes with two 15-cartridge magazines with an oversized rubber pad to give the dominant hand extra grip and to protect the magazine during quick change operations.

92X Performance Production

Technical sheet

Product chart

Magazine Capacity:


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