Paralympic Shooting Team


Beretta Paralympic Shooters 

Giorgio   Marozzini SGL 55 DT11 Italian champion of several competition. 5th class. World Cup Paralympic 2017 (Lonato - Italy). Beretta Excellence 2017 winner.
Christian Ciocchi SGU 36 DT11 Black Beretta Excellence 2017 winner. Vice italian champion 2013 - 2015 and international Grand Prix 2016
Oreste  Lai SGS 42 DT11 Black World Cup Paralympic 2017 (Lonato - Italy) bronze medal. Italian champion of several competition Trap and Double Trap. World champion Universal trench
Marco  Giugno  SGU 31 DT11 Black Cus Brescia shooter.
Paolo  Cirillo SGS 42 DT11 Black International Grand Prix 2016 winner. Italian champion 2015. Compak Sporting shooter.
Bruno  Busti SGS 62 DT11 Black Vice italian champion 2014 and 2017. Compak World champion 2008.
Davide Fedrigucci SGS 44 DT11 Black Beretta Excellence 2017 winner. Italian championship twice finalist. World Cup Paralympic national shooter (Lonato 2017).
Francesco Nespeca SGU 28 DT11 Black Beretta Gold Cup 2017 winner. World Cup Paralympic vice champion (Lonato 2017)
Massimo Lanza SGL  46 DT11 Black Italian champion 2016 and vice-champion 2017. 7th class. World Cup Paralympic (Lonato 2017).
Fabrizio  Menia SGS  57 DT11 Black National shooter 2015. italian championship twice finalist. Beretta Excellence 2 sections winner.
Saverio  Cuciti SGL 49 DT11 Black World Cup Paralympic winner (Lonato 2017). Italian and university champion of several competition 
Elio  Spadoni SGU 58 DT11 Black Trap Italian champion 2014 and 2017. Sporting World champion from 2002 to 2006.  
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Christian Ciocchi


Francesco_Nespeca Saverio_Cuciti-2 bb
Francesco Nespeca Saverio Cuciti Massimo Lanza
nn Giorgio_Marozzini
Bruno Busti Giorgio Marrozzini
Fabrizio_Menia2 Oreste_Lai2
Fabrizio Menia Oreste Lai
vvvvv Oreste_-Lai pc
Oreste Lai Davide Fedrigucci Paolo Cirillo
Elio_Spadoni davide_fedrigucci
Elio Spadoni Davide Fedrigucci
Marco Giugno


The participation of Beretta in shooting is studded with an infinite series of successes in all disciplines worldwide. The abundance of products Beretta dedicates to shooters, the care taken in customization and the professionalism in assistance at shooting ranges all over the world are the best guarantees for the continuation of these victories.



B-Fast Barrel balancing system: the weight of the barrel is now adjustable through a set of weights that can be fixed to the side ribs, under the fore-end. The combined use of these weights with the stock balancing system allows an hyper-precise fit of the balance, compensating the natural variability of the wood density and improving the range of customization for the shooter. (available only on 692 and DT11)


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The scorecard, the moist palms, and the lineup of like-minded competitors might indicate otherwise. But as the clays fly across your line of vision, you stand alone, competing against no one but yourself. Every inch of your being is focused, balanced, alert, working in unison. There’s no denying you are here to win, to stand proudly on the podium. But more than anything else you are here to perform unfalteringly.