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The pinnacle of Beretta's expertise in clay target shooting is embodied in the Pietro Beretta Selection, showcasing unmatched craftsmanship. With its forwardthinking design and cutting-edge technical innovations, this custom-built shotgun is crafted for victory. Introducing the SL2, a revolutionary shooting platform that sets new standards in the sport. The SL2 stands out as the first shotgun to feature the advanced Steelium® Pro X barrels, offering unprecedented performance.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:
The SL2's receiver has simplified lines and an anti-glare pattern of laser-etched micro-pyramids to disperse light. The absence of a bolt and the lowered opening key improve the view of the target, while the longitudinal bolt system near the hinge pin optimises performance. The stock blends perfectly with the design of the receiver, improving the view of the plates, and the fore-end has been redesigned for a more solid grip. In addition, the receiver is coated with the new and innovative Graphite Grey, applied by electrochemical deposition. This coating, which is fluorine-free and complies with Beretta's sustainability policies, offers greater resistance to corrosion, ageing and shine.

The trigger group is removable and quickly replaceable, with return springs ensuring a clean and even trigger pull at all times.

A new barrel profile has been designed for the SL2 to enhance the performance of Beretta's Steelium® technology. The Steelium® Pro X barrels, developed with professional shooters, have an elongated choke compared to the DT11 Steelium® Pro to optimise shots and achieve better ballistic performance.

The beautiful class 4 walnut wood is masterfully crafted to create a custom-made stock and fore-end, finely hand-crimped for perfect grip.


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