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Beretta shotguns are renowned for their outstanding balance and optimal ergonomics. However, for shooters who need to adapt the gun to their swinging and shouldering, Beretta has developed a weight adjustment and application system to be inserted along the firearm. Weight, stock, rib adjustment: B-Fast offers the perfect balance to transform a shooter's shotgun into a true extension of his body.


Optionally available on many Beretta hunting and shooting shotguns (but also purchasable separately), B-Fast is the stock adjustment tool developed by Beretta. With a simple and intelligent design, it provides several adjustment options:

  • Max 11 mm height (parallel to towers axis)
  • Max 6" drop
  • Max 11 degree rotation (with respect to the axis perpendicular to the stock drop)
  • Max 13mm lateral (perpendicular to the stock)

The new locking screws provide perfect fit to the towers, ensuring the best locking of the comb. The spacers will function as "memory" for the height of the comb so the shooter will be able to change the cast without losing the height adjustment.


The weight of the barrel can be adjusted by means of a set of weights that can be attached to the side ribs, under the forend or towards the muzzle, for super-accurate weight adjustment when combined with the stock balance system. The B-Fast system makes it possible to compensate for the natural variability of wood density and to expand the customisation options, starting with 5-gram or 10-gram weights that can be applied magnetically, up to 15-gram weights that can be clamped firmly into the available spaces in the side ribs (for Trap and Sporting shotguns).


Another option for shotguns with B-Fast stocks is to customize the balance of the gun by adding or removing weight inside the stock to compensate for the natural variability in wood density. Modification is quick and practical: simply remove the recoil pad and add or remove washers through a screw. 20-gram steel and 40-gram tungsten washers are available.


Available on the ACS and Xtrap models, the pivoting rib with 4mm front micrometer adjustment allows a point-of-impact range from 50/50 to 100/0. Thanks to the removable ramp, target acquisition is even more immediate and accurate.


The balance of the A400 Xcel semi-auto shooting shotgun can also be adjusted through the Balance Cap system, where the magazine cap is interchangeable with versions in different weights. Different color finishes of the caps protect and enable the shooter to compete anytime, anywhere. Three caps available:

  • Light: blue with a weight of 40 grams
  • Medium: black with a weight of 110 grams
  • Heavy: silver with a weight of 180 grams

For 360-degree stock adjustment, the 690, 694 and DT11 shotguns can feature the Beretta by TSK stock (standard on the 694 Pro and DT11 Black Pro models).
The many adjustment options, geometry, balance and ergonomics of the TSK stock ensure complete self-adjustability to each shooter's shoulder and shouldering style.

The adjustable B-Fast stock is available as an optional on all over-and-under shotguns in the Silver Pigeon, 690, 694, and DT11 range, with a small price premium over the version without B-Fast.

The B-Fast stock can also be purchased at a later date (at a higher price, however) at your nearest gun store or online. The B-Fast stock requires installation by a trained gunsmith or stock fitter.
The weight system is compatible and already provided for Black Edition shotguns, however, it can be purchased separately for all shotguns of the 690, 694 and DT11 series (only on shotguns with windowed side rib, not on Skeet versions).