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DT11 10° Anniversary

There is no shooter in the world, from the inexperienced beginner to the expert champion, who is not aware of the outstanding precision, balance, handling, and durability of DT11 competition shotguns.

To mark 10 years of success, achieved both internationally, in the professional arena, and by amateurs on shooting ranges all over the world, Beretta has created an Anniversary edition of the DT11.

An Exclusive Series

Key features:

  • Selected grade 3 walnut wood

  • Extremely reliable cross bolt closure mechanism

  • Interchangeable barrel locking shoulders

  • DT11 thickness of lateral plates increasing the weight in the barycentre, providing greater shouldering stability

  • New floral engraving on pins, top lever and ribbons

  • Hand polished side plates for a mirror finish

  • Forend iron with replaceable pad in high resistance material for a perfect coupling between forendand barrel

  • Optima-Bore HP Steelium Pro barrels

  • Optima-Choke HP chokes (for Sporting and Skeet versions)

The DT11 10th Anniversary embodies all the features that make the DT11 unique, from adjusting the weight thanks to the B-Fast stock to setting the trigger so that your finger is always perfectly resting on it.
The various DT11 over and under manufacturing phases are identical to those employed when producing luxury shotguns.

This means that every effort is made to ensure perfect coupling between the various principal (receiver, barrels, forend iron) and secondary (sidelocks, top lever, etc.) parts of the firearm.

This attention to detail renders every shotgun unique, guaranteeing that each individual product has been manufactured and tested under the personal care of the master gunsmiths of the world's oldest and mostprestigious gun-maker.

The DT11 Anniversary receiver has been tempered and engraved with a floral motif that evokes themodern style that has also been adopted for the SL3 and 687 EELL Classic.

The pins, top lever and ribbons framing of the side plates are engraved with a floral motif, while the sideplates are hand polished for a prestigious mirror effect.

DT11 10° Anniversary

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