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This morning BERETTA held a press conference to present officially the new edition of the Sustainability Report for the 2022 financial year: a strategic tool focusing on innovation, sustainability and human capital, to communicate in a synthetic and analytical way the evolution undertook by our Company years ago.

Exciting results

The commitment to a sustainable future, under the umbrella of the BE Planet initiatives, pursues the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and is well described in the report, detailing what was achieved so far with reference to waste production. Renewable energies are another important focus for Beretta, with the recent installation of the new photovoltaic system, leading to an increase in the surface area of 1,900 square meters and with an expected yield of +150% compared to 2022, and a total increase in production of energy from renewable sources equal to 5%.

Human Capital

Initiatives aimed at preserving safety and health continue, supported by public safety and environmental audits, health surveillance, preventive screening of employees for metabolic and oncological diseases and 2,200 hours of training courses. Innovation, supported since 2022 by the Innovation Board, finds its way through several topics, such as Digital Twin, Servitization, Habitat, Experience and Training systems, while attention remains high on digital transformation - both from the industrial standpoint and for what it concerns customer relationship and employees’ daily life.