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1301 Comp

The Beretta 1301 Comp semiauto shotgun is designed to win tactical competitions right out of the box.

Combining the technology of Beretta’s best sporting shotguns with the requirements of the most demanding tactical shooters, it cycles faster than the competition, handles like a dream and has oversized controls for super-easy operation.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • B-Link® gas system

  • Oversized reversible safety and

  • Drilled and tapped receiver

  • Metal mid bead

  • Fiber optic system

The 1301 Competition is Beretta’s semi-automatic shotgun for 3-gun and practical shooting competitions.

Designed to be a winner out of the box, it features an oversized charging handle, large bolt release andextended reversible safety.

We have supersized the loading and ejection ports to help competitors saveprecious seconds.

The B-Link® gas operating system cycles up to 36% faster than any other shotgun on themarket. The barrel (21"" or 24"") use the Optimachoke® HP interchangeable chokes and features a stepped rib withmid bead and front fiberoptic sight, while the receiver is drilled and tapped for rails or other attachments.

The stock is adjustable for length of pull (13""-14.5""), drop and cast, and features an aggressive checkering fora positive, winning feel.

1301 Comp

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