Beretta Holding


Beretta Holding S.A. is the holding company for the famous Italian industrial group and holds direct or indirect participation in the 32 companies that currently make up the group which is a recognised leader in the sector of light firearms dedicated to hunting, sporting and personal defence.
Since its inception, the number of subsidiaries has continued to grow, as a result of a prudent investment policy of strategic acquisitions, carried out to both extend and complete the product offering, and to globally consolidate the Group’s direct commercial presence on the markets in which the group operates.
Beretta Holding Group has increasingly become a markedly international  corporation and a global player in its sector,  as a result of a growth that has led to a manufacturing presence in all five continents, but even more important thanks to a vision of the World as its natural space of action.
Through its prestigious brands, Beretta, Benelli, Franchi, Sako, Tikka, Steiner and Burris the Group has become a reference point for hunting enthusiasts the world over, who are constantly looking for high quality and reliable products, characterized by strong tradition and continuous innovation to fulfill their passion.
Beretta Holding Group's products, and in particular the brand Beretta in this field, represent a point of arrival in the sporting world, spanning from amateur to professional and olympic level, ensuring shooters access to an accurate and reliable tool that places them in the ideal position to achieve the best results in competition.
Over the years, the Group has progressively expanded its range of products, especially developing a dressy line of clothing and  accessories, carachterized by the great attention to quality and technology and with items specifically tailored to the world of hunting, shooting and outdoor activities.
In the last decade, the Group, through two major acquisitions of Burris and Steiner, has also entered in the field of optics, scopes and binoculars. In 2012 Beretta Holding completed the acquisition of a company specialized in the production and marketing of laser aiming devices and tactical flashlights. The combination of these three companies, active in the opto-electronic field, constitutes a division within the Group, that can leverage on strong synergies in the development of products.
At the same time, Beretta Holding Group is considered a keypartner of the governments worldwide as it is a supplier of integrated solutions utilized by their defense departments and agencies involved in the law enforcement duty.
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