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The linear loading system and excellent ergonomics and balance features make BRX1 fast, instinctive and easy to handle. The possibility of caliber change, combined with the intuitive right-to-left conversion and the adjustable trigger in three positions allow a perfect rifle customization for the Beretta BRX1.


BRX1 guarantees three certified shots sub-MOA: the accuracy certificate for each firearm is available online. The barrel and chamber of this hunting rifle are cold-hammer forged together from a single steel piece: concentricity and precision are at the highest levels, also supported by the special geometry of the bedding that always guarantees the correct barrel position.


Safe and sturdy, the BRX1 rifle has successfully passed the same NATO tests carried by Beretta on military weapons. Thanks to the experience in the military and law enforcement world, BRX1 mounts a locking system featuring a rotating bolt head with 8 locking lugs (or 16 for magnum calibers).


BRX Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.


BRX1 Wild Boar