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PMXs is born from Beretta's military experience. After the great success of PMX, the polymer submachine gun dedicated to the commercial market offers tactical enthusiasts the feel and performance of a true professional weapon, although it maintains its common sport and civilian classification. PMXs is suitable for both PCC and IPSC practical shooting competitions, as well as the defensive shooting of IDPA. PMXs also passed NATO homologation stress tests.


The folding stock features a double retention finger that offers maximum resistance in case of a fall. The upper part involves two flip-up sight systems in both the front and the rear. The grip is inspired by the APX design, and when switching from long to the folded gun, the feeling is maintained. The semi-transparent magazine, with a rubber pad that protects against bumps and drops, allows the user to know immediately the number of remaining rounds.


The barrel is available in two lengths (175-185 mm) and has a 1/2-28 pitch thread for accessories such as muzzle brakes. The bolt cocking rod is reversible.
Four Picatinny rails at 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock allow the mounting of a wide range of accessories. A vertical grip can be mounted on the front of the lower. The trigger group allows the selection of safety or semi-automatic mode with an axial movement identical to that of the military weapon.


PMXs Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.