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A400 Upland

With an ergonomic pistol grip and fore-end design, Beretta's Steelium® barrel for excellent ballistic performance, and the Optimachoke HP® flush-mount choke, the A400 Upland in 28 gauge retains the sleek lines and high performance of the 12- and 20-gauge versions, but with full compatibility with 28-gauge ammunition.

An Exclusive Series

Key features:

  • Extralight® Recoil Pad

  • B-Link® gas take-off system

  • B-Lok® magazine cap

  • Steelium® barrels

  • Optimachoke® HP choke tubes

  • Nickel-plated Receiver

  • 6x6 top rib

Extralight® is the Beretta recoil pad evolved for greater lightness, abrasion resistance and protection from chemical and atmospheric agents. Its low density, good physical-mechanical properties and excellent tactile appearance, combined with the usual comfort and stability, make it the ideal point of contact for every shot.

The A400 Upland is equipped with the B-Link® gas-operated system, which matches the power of the gas-operated system with the precision of the rotating head shutter to ensure fast, reliable and intelligent cycling, while the B-Lok® tank cap allows for better control and increased safety.
The A400 Upland is equipped with Steelium® barrels with a double cone: In all gauges, the barrel has a 6x6 mm flat ventilated rib with a fibre optic front sight.

It is equipped with an Optimachoke® HP wire choke.

Made of high-strength steel, the Beretta Optimachoke® HP chokes offer unrivalled resistance to corrosion and the power of steel shot.

A400 Upland

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