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Triblock barrel technology makes the barrel unit of the Beretta 486 stronger while eliminating visible welding lines. The firearm's superior outward appearance and unique elegance reflect the style of classic shotguns with demibloc construction. Its shape facilitates instinctive aiming.


The design of the receiver of the Beretta 486 shotgun matches the best gunsmithing tradition of the classic rounded profile. Innovative lines connecting the stock with the receiver lend unparalleled harmony and elegance to the shotgun's proportions. The walnut wood used for the stock and forend is carefully selected in terms of color, density and grain. As a result, the shotgun acquires an impeccable appearance and extraordinary balance, which is further perfected during construction by precisely distributing the weight of each component.


A unique safety method that operates on the trigger and prevents accidental shots if the gun is held in an unusual position (upside down or pointed up/down beyond the 90° position), if it falls or if it is bumped.

486 Models

Available through the Beretta Galleries and select Beretta Dealers.

486 Parallelo

486 Parallelo EL Tartarugato

486 Parallelo EL