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1301 Comp Pro

After achieving several podium finishes at the last World Shotgun Championships with its unrivalled cycling speed, the 1301 Comp has evolved into the Pro version following the implementation of suggestions made by Beretta's multiple medal-winning shooters.

An Exclusive Series

The 1301 Comp Pro is now, even in its standard configuration, the most competitive dynamic shooting platform, but has plenty of capacity for further personalisation and is therefore very sought after by the most demanding of shooters.

Key Features:

  • Kick-Off® Plus stock

  • B-Steady® system

  • Microcore® recoil pad

  • Steelium® Barrels

  • Optimachoke® HP choketubes

The 1301 Comp Pro includes a new polymeric stock with theKick-Off® Plus system consisting of two elastomer dampeners complete with return springs, positioned near the rubber insert, which effectively mitigate the first recoil peak reducing the perceived recoil by up to 40%.

The B-Steady system divides the stock into two sections: butt and pistol grip. The recoil absorption point is in an advanced position, moving in unison with th epistol grip, which is free to move back leaving the butt stable and avoiding any annoying rubbing of the comb against the cheek. The cheek remains still and rests perfectly without ever losing the line of fire.

The MicroCore recoil pad ensures perfect shouldering and maximum stability when shooting and allows for the possibility to adjust the stock's length to suit your requirements using the two spacers provided.

1301 Comp Pro

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