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The EELL version of the DT11 Black Edition brings the use of carbon fiber to levels never reached before in the firearms world. In addition to the top rib, the trigger plate, and the trigger group, the Beretta DT11 Black Edition EELL over and under shotgun also features carbon fiber trigger guard and two innovative long side plates, in which the engraving gives way to the characteristic carbon fiber twill texture.

An Exclusive Series

The pistol grip stock , modelled using grade 4 walnut wood, is available in adjustable or fixed version, with 35/56 and 38/60 Drop at Comb for sporting and 29/39, 32/42 and 34/44 for trap, each both right-and left-handed. There is of course the headed stock version. The recoil pad, as usual for our shotguns, is made in Microcore® for a perfect grip on the shoulder. The oil finish ensures greater water resistance for the wood. The hand-made checkering (step 1) provides a more refined look and a firm, comfortable grip.
The black receiver (43mm wide) of the DT11 Black Edition EELL also ensures greater stability during shooting and includes the closing system with the unmistakable trapezoidal locking shoulders and the cross-bolt locking system. , typical of the DT Beretta series. The iconic design of the long carbon fibre side plates alternates with the polished surfaces of the moldings and side pins, giving the DT11 Black EELL a strong personality.
The carbon fibre removable trigger group of the DT11 Black Edition EELL can be rapidly disassembled and replaced in case of necessity between one platform and the other. The trigger is adjustable with a total excursion of 9 mm, allowing the shooter to always find the perfect finger support. The hammer leaf springs guarantee accurate and immediate shot. The sporting version has the single selective trigger, built into the safety lever.
Steelium PRO barrels: Steelium is the technology used in the production of the barrels that allows the tri-alloy Beretta steel to become a real ballistic jewel, thanks to a unique manufacturing process. Deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum distension endow the steel with mechanical characteristics ideal for superior ballistic performance.
The Steelium PRO barrels boast an internal profile of the tubes with a progressive triple cone, , that is 240 mm from the muzzle and depending on the barrel length can vary from 450 to 491 mm in length. The benefits are:
- less recoil
- more dense and compact patterns
- greater rapidity and precision in executing the second shot
The matte finish of the barrels ensures the absence of reflections of any type and helps you to concentrate solely on the target, without distractions.
The special internal geometry of Optima-Bore HP barrel is designed to offer high performance even with High Performance steel shot. The shot pattern remains uniform thanks to the five interchangeable Beretta Optimachoke HP chokes, included with the sporting version.
The top rib made of carbon fibre, extremely lightweight and durable, ensures a perfect swing required in each discipline even in the most extreme shooting conditions, thanks to the assembly system without welding.

The DT11 Black Edition EELL ensures the best possible distribution of mass and thanks to the wider steel receiver and the weight balancing system B-Fast Pro, enables a customised optimal balance and well controlled grip without losing cast speed.
Weights in the stock: 20 and 40 grams of weights can be inserted to customise the gun balance.
Weights on the barrel: as already in the DT11 Black edition, the EELL version is also equipped with a set of 10 and 5 gram weights that with magnets can be positioned under the fore-end, to adjust the gun's centre of gravity
The DT11 Black Edition EELL also offers the B-Fast Barrel Balancing System, an additional weight system to clasp on the side ribs, designed and tested in collaboration with the champions of the Beretta Team, to ensure top performance shooting. Thanks to the new assembly system on the side ribs - using two practical small buttons - the weight is distributed along the entire length of the barrel, improving the gun’s swing and reducing the muzzle rise, without causing noises or vibrations while shooting. In addition, their design was calculated to adjust to the side ribs perfectly without the risk of losing them or disturbing visibility.

The DT11 Black Edition EELL offers numerous accessories including:
- ABS case
- B-Fast system (for barrels, fore-end and stock)
- Set of interchangeable front sights red and white
- pair of snapcaps
- Stock disassembly key
- 5 choke set with key - for the sporting version only.
- Barrel sock plus stock sock
- Two Beretta stickers, one for the barrels

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