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DT11 L Scene Caccia

The most victorious shotgun ever, in the hands of the world's best athletes for 10 years.

With this firearm, balance, power and accuracy are in your hands, along with exceptional control and a simply perfect shot.

The DT11 L combines Beretta's best shotgun performance with high-class aesthetics thanks to a receiver made with 5-axis deep engraving.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • A super reliable cross-bolt locking system;

  • The increase of the receiver side wall thickness which adds weight in the baricenter (+ 3 mm) to enhance stability while swinging

  • The width and shape of the extractors which allows shells to be consistently ejected in a timely and efficient manner

  • The fore-end irons interchangeable nut, treated for resistance, which guarantees the perfect barrel to fore-end fit, year in and year out

  • The interchangeable barrel locking shoulders

  • A Highly resistant, nickel-based surface finish

The uniqueness of the most victorious rifle ever combined with the sophistication of engravings that characterize luxury rifles.
From features to dimensions, weight & balance to point of impact: everything in the Beretta DT11 over and under, has been professionally crafted to meet and surpass the technical requirements of serious competitors.

Perfect component weight ensures the best possible distribution of patterns and the optimum balance and swing required for all disciplines.

The adjustable trigger makes it possible to meet any ergonomic requirement, making the finger fit perfectly on it regardless of the length of the stock.

The B-Fast® system allows the weight and balance of the rifle to be adjusted, even according to the density of the woods used.
In Steelium® Pro barrels, the length of the triple cone fitting reaches 450mm (in 76cm barrels); Beretta's exclusive tri-alloy steel goes through deep drilling, cold hammering and vacuum stress relieving.

All of this process ensures smoother ballistics that aids recoil and muzzle reduction and guarantees perfect, denser and more uniform patterns with any type of ammunition: lead, steel and High Performance steel.

DT11 L Scene Caccia

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