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Striker pistols are becoming more and more important worldwide in the military and law enforcement world.
The Beretta APX, features a removable, serialised internal metal barrel that can be easily removed and inserted into the pistol's polymer grip, which becomes interchangeable, easy to disassemble and maintain.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • Glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer barrel

  • Ambidextrous

  • Reversible magazine release button

  • White dot sighting system

  • Picatinny rail

The lightweight barrel is made of a fibreglass-reinforced technopolymer.

The APX's extreme low profile and design free of ledges and sharp corners makes it extremely easy to carry and extract from the holster.

On both sides of the barrel the bolt catch lever has been positioned for better operability even by left-handed shooters.

The safety on the trigger prevents unintentional actuation of the trigger if the pistol is dropped. When the trigger is intentionally pulled, the safety is immediately deactivated.

In order to facilitate left-handed shooters, the magazine release button is easily reversible from either side.

Thanks to a new system registered by Beretta, the pistol adapts to different types of hands, with interchangeable grips of different sizes and customisable configurations.

The pistol comes standard with a Picatinny slide under the barrel.


Technical sheet

Product chart

Magazine Capacity:


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