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Aim for victory with #1choiceofchampions

The experience of professional athletes, continuous research and the most advanced technologies used by Beretta allow shooters to enjoy a complete ecosystem of products for all disciplines: Beretta's guns, clothing and shooting accessories are the details that really make a difference on the range.

From Olympic disciplines to Sporting, from dynamic to defensive shooting, behind every hit target there are endless details designed and developed by our company with the world's N° 1 shooters to make Beretta the N°1 choice of champions.

DT11 Black DLC

Already packed with the renowned balance and performance features of the legendary DT11 over&under platform, this Black DLC iteration steps up with a renewed resistance and look. The DLC coating improves durability, resistance to corrosion and scratches, while adding a modern black look, enriched by contemporary acid green details.

DT11 Black DLC
DT11 Black DLC

New shooting clothing 🎯

The n°1 choice of champions

Beretta team has hundreds of athletes all over the world. The best international shooters in the major shooting disciplines choose a Beretta firearm. Every day, Beretta creates customized products to meet the champions' needs and, together with them, develops firearms, clothing, accessories and services that help each shooter achieve ever higher results.


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DT11 Black Edition


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A400 Xcel Sporting

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687 Silver Pigeon V

DT11 Black DLC