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DT11 Black DLC

Already packed with the renowned balance and performance features of the legendary DT11 over&under platform, this new Black DLC iteration steps up with a renewed resistance and look. The DLC coating improves durability, resistance to corrosion and wear, while adding a modern black look, enriched by contemporary acid green details. The carbon fiber top rib allows for less weight and better swing, while leaving the possibility to adjust shooter’s burden with the B-Fast® balancing system on the stock and the barrel. The Steelium® Pro barrel technology embodies the final signature for DT11 accuracy: an internal profile with triple forcing cone reaching up to 450 mm, reducing recoil and muzzle rise, while ensuring constantly dense and uniform shot patterns.

An Exclusive Series

Key Features:

  • Oil-finished grade 3 walnut wood: keeping a hint of the Beretta over&under classic look

  • B-Fast® adjustable weight system: barrel and stock balancing to adapt the gun to the shooter

  • DLC coating on the receiver, trigger housing and the barrel: enhanced durability thanks to higher wear and corrosion resistance

  • Modern look for the Black racing line: matte and glossy black with acid green details

  • Steel detachable trigger group: DT11’s guarantee to get back to shooting in few minutes thanks to the replaceable trigger

  • Steelium® Pro barrels: tri-alloy steel undergoing deep drilling, cold-hammer forging and vacuum distension for a triple forcing cone reaching up to 450 mm (in a 76 cm barrel)

  • 0x10 carbon fiber top rib: less weight and better swing

  • • Optimachoke® HP Black Edition interchangeable chokes: resistance to corrosion and steel shots with special blued finish

The receiver keeps the design of the original DT11 platform: the extremely reliable cross-bolt locking mechanism, the 3 mm wider receiver to improve stability and handling, the replaceable barrel locking shoulders, the forend iron with a replaceable insert in high resistance material for a perfect forend-barrel assembly.

The receiver, together with the barrels and the trigger housing, are coated with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) finish, an innovative and environmentally friendly coating offering enhanced resistance to corrosion, to alkaline or acidic solutions and to wear.
The black coloring of DLC, applied to the matte surfaces and the mirror-polished hinge pins and side plates profiles, give the shotgun a modern racing look, together with the acid-green enamelled details on the receiver.

Even with the attention to balance given to all DT11s, the possibility to adjust gun weight is available thanks to the B-Fast® balancing system, with weights to be applied in the stock and on the side ribs, under the forend. The detachable trigger group is made of steel, to keep more weight and balance on the middle part of the gun. The 10x10 DT11 Black DLC top rib is made of carbon fiber with the aim of decreasing weight and improving shotgun swing.

The Steelium® Pro boast an internal tube profile with a highly elongated progressive triple cone, reaching up to 450 mm for reduced recoil and muzzle rise, together with denser and more compact shot patterns with very high penetration and target striking performance.

DT11 Black DLC is supplied with Beretta interchangeable Optimachoke HP® Black Edition chokes and an 18 mm Microcore® recoil pad to combines lightness, recoil absorption, performance, and elegance.

DT11 Black DLC

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