"The SO story" 

(...)by 1931 the hegemony of the side-by-side was under pressure from a product that was as American as the classic sidelock side-by-side was British. […] Even the innovator Pietro Beretta realized that there was an opportunity that only a firm like Beretta could exploit: namely to create a gun that benefitted from the advantages of the superposed barrels but which also demonstrated the traditional European elegance that would hold its own amongst the most beautiful London “best guns.”(...) 
(...)Franco explains: "He had ideas about features that he thought would improve the shotgun itself to make it more reliable. This was one of the key points about my great-grandfather first and then my great-uncle Carlo: they wanted to make the best shotgun from an aesthetic point of view but one that was very reliable because their experience also comes from producing firearms for the military, and, of course, for the military reliability is one of the key factors. This is the starting point of the so-called SO series.” (...) 
"The result was a feature that became an aesthetic signature for guns bearing the SO designation for the rest of the century. Like all great solutions, it was the essence of simplicity: a cross bolt in the upper part of the receiver. When the gun was broken, the cross bolt would jut from the right-hand side of the receiver, yet it would engage the monobloc lugs when the gun was closed...” (...) 
(...)" it was the SO3 that would become the most successful of the SO series of shotguns to date. During the course of a production run from the 1940s to the 1980s, it would gain worldwide respect from those who used it in the field as well as competition shooters.(...) 
“As far as Franco saw it, modern technology was not the enemy of traditional crafts, but their partner. Gathering a team around him that ranged from qualified engineers to men who had left school in their early teens and spent their working lives developing the sort of skills in firearm design that could never be learned at a college, Franco embarked on the project that would become the SO10, an apt name inasmuch as it would take a decade to realize, not bearing fruit until 2005...”(...)

“With the SO10, the challenge was to make something that is more technically advanced, while also keeping tradition alive. This is the most sophisticated gun from an industrial point of view because the barrels are unique.”(...) Numerically the tens of SO10s made each year are a microscopic proportion of Beretta’s production, accounting for one percent of one percent of a total annual production across the entire Beretta group of companies of approximately one million guns. Nevertheless, it is not an overstatement to describe it as the very soul of the firm, a crystallization of five centuries of skill, craftsmanship, savoir fare, and technological innovation..."(...) 


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