Ugo Gussalli Beretta knew that for Beretta to be a complete brand in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, he needed a place where he could place the brand in its entirety and diversity before his customers…” (...) 
“The time was right to take the concept of the Beretta lifestyle a step further and to introduce the concept of the Beretta Gallery—part gunshop, part luxury boutique—offering everything associated with the outdoors, from the guns and cartridges through the technical clothing and accessories to the gifts that you might present your host for the weekend.” (...) 
New-York-Gallery-400px          Beretta-Gallery,-London-400PX
              The hand-chiseled façade of the Beretta Gallery,
               New York, made from stone from Val Trompia.
“As well as being a shop, a Beretta Gallery would be an embassy in the great world cities. In the world of fashion they are called flagship stores, temples, and maisons; in the world of Beretta they are called Galleries and by the early twenty-first century there would be Galleries in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and even Buenos Aires. But the first Beretta Gallery opened in the bustling world city and fashion capital of Alexandria, near Beretta USA’s Maryland headquarters, after which, having refined the concept, Beretta acquired a town house at 718 Madison Avenue..” (...) 
Anderson, master gunsmith at the Beretta Gallery, New York. 
“It was to become a landmark not just in New York, but across the shooting world, a place to come and drop a six-figure sum on one of the very best shotguns in the world, or just a place to drop in for a chat and a cigar with the charismatic Peter Horn II, former professional hunter and veteran of well over fifty African safaris as well as countless other hunting expeditions..”
Peter Horn, longtime professional hunter and the personification of the Beretta brand in the United States


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