"Beretta is the product of its past rather than the prisoner of it. It is no cottage industry making a few dozen high-priced shotguns; it is a proper industrial concern that has kept pace with modern manufacturing developments—a clean, modern factory that boasts the latest CNC machinery, CAD/CAM systems, and multi-axis milling machines all working according to “lean” manufacturing concepts."


"With five centuries of gun-making experience for everyone from the princes of Renaissance to James Bond, the Beretta family knows a thing or two about making a good gun and, crucially, the modern facility at the historic manufacturing headquarters in Gardone, helmed by a family ownership that invests for the future rather than for quick quarterly results, has enabled this Italian company to bring the modern shotgun to a type of “present perfection” unimagined by the shooter of Hastings’s generation." (...)


But, impressive though this “booth” or “stand” may be, it is nothing when compared to the latest chapter in the company’s history that Franco and his brother are writing. In April 2016, Beretta opened a new manufacturing headquarters about three-quarters of an hour’s drive from Nashville, Tennessee . (...) 



Spacer--whiteBeretta celebrates its first 490 years
of activity with some important initiatives that look at the history, at the community in the territory where the Group operates, as well as at the market. Discover ten exciting pills from "Beretta - 500 years of the world’s finest sporting life",the third major monograph dedicated to Beretta, published by Rizzoli US, avaiable soon in major bookstore worldwide.

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