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A solution package

Beretta Defense Technologies is a complete solution package integrated with customers’ requirements to provide tailor made solutions. To be more closed to any specific need and demand, Beretta has developed several and different part of a unique project:
SPIRAL AUGMENTATION: every existing weapon and equipment can be improved, upgraded or augmented to increase its operational capability or to meet specific operational needs.
ONE STOP SOLUTION: Beretta Defense Technologies can mould its package conclusion to fully incorporate competitors products into its blueprint. In addition Beretta’s expertise allows to study any weapon system and, through testing, analysis and re-engineering, redefine its capabilities to suit a new theatre of operation.
TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY: strategic agreements with Defense or Law Enforcement administration bodies to share knowhow and technology to establish local productions.
CO-DESIGN: Beretta Defense Technologies works closely with Defence and Law Enforcement agencies to ensure complete satisfaction with operational capabilities. At the same time, cooperation with universities and leading companies involved in cutting edge sectors keep Beretta Defense Technologies aware of the new technologies but also actively involved in their development. This allows swift implementation of these technologies with clients’ individual requirements.
TRAINING: Beretta Defense Technologies offers a comprehensive range of firearms, training programs based on three levels: regular end user, specialized personnel (gunsmiths) and advanced end user (ie. special forces advanced training).
SHOOTING RANGES AND TRAINING: test weapons and train personnel with short, medium and long range shooting incorporating specific scenarios.
OFFSET AGREEMENTS: Beretta Defense Technologies is now a major player in addressing the requirements of public departments that need to be offered finite tailored packages, from industrial cooperation and technology transfer to counter trading through an array of partners.
LESS THAN LETHAL: development and supply of means for law enforcement personnel to minimize threats without the need to use lethal force. The use of cutting edge technologies by Beretta Defense Technologies in the field of optronics, munitions and firearm manufacture have led to the implementation of the constant kinetic energy system of non-lethal force as a tool for the task.
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