Multinational Structure


International presence, local support

The multi national structure that forms the logistical framework from which many of Beretta Defense Technologies’ customers are serviced daily, reaches into the four corners of the world.

It is a service framework allowing our support structure to have an operating base closer to your logistic centers, forming a network of operation and distribution services aiding communication and the logistical back up that helps us to achieve our principal aim of an effective, long term partnership arrangement.

The centers of excellence that are dedicated to our core competencies are sited in mainland Europe, with the channels of maintenance connecting them to you and your personnel, securely linked with each and every continent.

We are confident these linkages give us the flexibility we need in ensuring a rapid response to the logistical aid requests that keep you operationally ready.


Our proven past, your preferred future, in continuum

The worlds` oldest and largest manufacturer of smallarms and partner of many international Defense and Law Enforcement agencies.

A world renowned producer of innovative tactical semi automatics, rifles and pump action shotguns.

Internationally recognized as one of the worlds’ pioneers of sniper rifles and a highly regarded premium

A world leading German manufacturer of military binoculars and rifle scopes. ammunition manufacturer.

All four companies are owned by Beretta Holding giving you security, stability and a global player with centuries of experience.

In addition to their individual specialism, each have their own subsidiary networks and close ties with allied product makers who have in depth knowledge as to how they augment their ranges. Each bringing their own expertise but with a unified focus to provide the best possible solution for any given situational demand.

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