Women's Trap Cotton Vest

Whether you are a pro or just a newcomer, the Beretta shooting vests require just one thing: passion. These vests have been designed to let every shooter choose what fits best their athletic needs.



Shooting vest, cotton with padded shooting patches.The classic shooting vest world finds in this unisex ambidextrous vest its most functional paradigm: a plain and resistant cotton design, featured by colour blocks and contrast piping, internal pockets for the Beretta Recoil Reducer (not included). Available in a wide array of colours.


• Shell pockets
• Elasticated slit for perfect fitting at the shoulder
• Tower/earmuffs binding on the back
• Back pocket
• Cotton padded shooting patches down to the waist band
• Inner pockets for removable recoil pad
• Inner security pocket



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Abbigliamento da caccia tecnico impermeabile resistente ai rovi